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Basketball Backboards Greatly Affect the Game
Basketball backboards are perhaps the most important piece of equipment chosen for playing basketball. The backboard supports the rim and the net. The backboard also is the surface that controls how the ball bounces when it is shot and can greatly impact the quality of the rebounds that come off of it.
Ideally a basketball backboard is sturdy but not overly rigid. If the backboard is not sturdy it can deaden the ball and result in weak rebounds. Shots that might never normally go in the basket may go in and this can affect the integrity of the game. An overly rigid backboard can have the opposite effect and rebounds may come off the backboard harder than expected, also greatly affecting the game.
It may be hard to believe, but the material chosen for a basketball backboard can greatly influence the quality of the game of basketball. There are different types of materials available for manufacturing basketball backboards and they are usually chosen based on the intended usage of the basketball goal system.
Backboards for Every Situation
Simple basketball goal systems that are typically used in a backyard or driveway are generally made from metal, fiberglass, plastic or acrylics. There are more options for these types of basketball backboards since they should be affordable and they don't need to be official backboards. Backyard basketball backboards can be different shapes as well. They can be rectangular or fan shaped and can be of varying dimensions as well. The overall quality of the backboard can be greatly affected by the way it is held in place. A quality backboard attached to a flimsy pole can negate the benefits of choosing a quality backboard. These types of backboards are also commonly attached to walls.
Professional and competitive leagues almost always choose to use tempered glass backboards. High schools, colleges and universities typically choose these types of backboards as well. The glass backboard is the traditional choice for competitive leagues because these backboards tend to produce universal rebounding qualities. This is preferable so that the backboard characteristics are similar regardless of where the game is actually played making the game as fair as possible for both teams. Glass backboards are generally only produced in regulation size which is 72 inches wide and 42 inches high while other types of backboards can vary significantly in size and shape.
A Backboard for Every Budget
The different variations in materials that backboards are manufactured from create a wide range of pricing. Driveway basketball systems tend to be made from the lower cost materials, but these systems are also available using higher quality materials that offer a better backboard at a higher price. Acrylic backboards are clear and give the impression of a glass backboard at a fraction of the price. The tradeoff is that acrylic is lighter in weight and does not provide the quality rebounds that glass backboards are known for.
Glass is the optimal material for backboards and they are also the most expensive backboards. Tempered glass is considered an investment because they:
  • Last a very long time.
  • Are strong.
  • Are resistant to scuffs and marking.
  • Look newer longer.
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